Projector screen with tripod ET-1




This display with a stand has an excellent price / performance ratio. The tripod stand is completely white and looks extremely sophisticated, so it can be used freely for home theater, for presentations or just to view photos. High quality material gives great, maximally sharp and clean image. Black screen frame enhances the contrast of the image you are watching. The „Black Top“ display feature allows you to position the screen at eye level. The tripod stand has rubber leg covers that allow it to be firmly placed on a variety of surfaces. Automatic pull-out / retraction mechanism ensures safe and comfortable use. You can also rotate the screen 360°.

Screen height: 180 cm
Screen width: 180 cm
Screen diagonal: 255 cm (100 inches)
Screen height with border: 186 cm
Screen height with border: 184 cm
Aspect ratio: 1: 1
Weight: 9.8 kg
Housing Color: White