Šilelis P-3

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Home theater screen

Relax at home after work by playing your favorite movie right from your phone. The big screen will make you feel like you are at the cinema.

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Smart projector

Probably one of the most important features of the Šilelis P-3 projector is wireless video streaming directly from your phone or computer. Provide video from Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS devices over Wi-Fi!

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Šiais laikais sėkmingas verslas privalo būti inovatyvus. Pristatykite savo prezentaciją per didelį ekraną tiesiai iš telefono ar kompiuterio be jokių laidų.

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Šilelis T-1

Šilelis T-1 is a new generation Android TV box, which will turn your television or projector into a smart device.
Watch your favourite films, youtube videos, listen to music,
browse the web,
play games and use various other features while
sitting on your couch.
The TV box has a powerful quad core processor, penta core video card, 2 GB of operative
memory and 16 GB of integrated memory,
which can be expanded by Micro SD and USB (HDD).


Media Center

Connect to internet via Wi-Fi or LAN and enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies, watch the news, listen to music, radio or play video games. In the TV box you will find some of the most popular apps including Youtube, Netflix, Red Bull TV, Kodi, Spotify, Chrome and others.


We created Šilelis T-1 wanting to grant our
customers the freedom to choose their favourite
shows, and movies. Watch them when the time
is best for you without any commercials,
which typically take up much time.
You won’t need tohurry home from work in
order to catch your favourite show.


The powerful quad core processor,
penta core video card and
2 GB of operative memory will ensure
the quality performance of the TV box.

Video Quality

4K resolution of Šilelis T-1 will let you
experience cinema like never before!
Now you can immerse into the most beautiful
view that you have seen in your living room.


You can connect the TV box to your television,
projector or monitor via HDMI.
The USB port will let you connect the keyboard,
mouse, hard disk, USB flash disk and charge your phone.

Home Computer

By connecting a mouse and keyboard, your TV box will turn into a powerful home computer. Navigate the internet with ease, write emails, order pizza, and everything else that you can do with a regular home computer.


Entertain yourself after a stressful day by playing games that you can easily download from the Google Play Store.


Sets Up in 3 Simple Steps

1. Connect the TV box to a nearby power source.
2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the TV box, and theFF other to a television or another video display device.
3. Connect the TV box to the internet cable or a Wi-Fi connection.

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