The product with an interesting Lithuanian name was born in one of the largest factories in Kaunas – the radio factory “Banga”, which was founded in 19 of June, 1956.  On that day, the first line of production was registered in the factory planning division – a five-channel TV controller. However, the “Šilelis” 15 and 32cm diameter portable television sets were the most famous products manufactured at the factory.  The first such TV (Šilelis-401D) was built in 1973. Interestingly, this TV set was owned not only by the Soviet Union, but also by other European countries and even the USA.  On 25th of April 1995, Banga was declared bankrupt and the “Šilelis” production was stopped. More than 20 years later, Šilelis was re-manufactured, only now it is not a portable TV set, but a modern LED projector and an android TV box.

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We’ve turned a small black-and-white TV into the largest screen in your home. In re-establishing Šilelis, we wanted to fundamentally change the video projector market – to offer people an inexpensive projector. Using it, users could watch their favourite movies, sports competitions or play computer games, thus creating a cozy atmosphere in their homes or homesteads.


In 2016, we introduced the first Šilelis projector model P-1 in Lithuania, and we were successful. A few months later, we started trading in Europe. We are glad that the projector is being developed not only by us, but also by our users / community, who are constantly sharing their impressions and suggestions. We already have developed several projector models that often become the main screen of a home theatre.

TV box

Creating the first Šilelis TV box, we mostly thought about the freedom to choose your favourite shows and movies and watch them at a convenient time for you, without commercials, which take up a lot of time. The company’s previous experience with Android devices has made this task easier, giving birth to our first TV box, which often becomes the most commonly used computer at home. You can now turn your TV or projector into a smart device by simply plugging in one of our TV boxes.